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  Touching Lives in Uganda  

Mission to Uganda
In 2003 George participated in a short-term mission to Uganda where the children there touched his heart so deeply that he could hardly wait to return. He did so in January 2004,2005,2006,2007,2008,2009,2010 & 2011.  George wrote the following report about this mission trip.

"God put together people with may different and unique talents for this trip. Everyone who came along had a special gift from God. Some had a gift of teaching, others were used to encourage the children and the workers, still others had musical talent. We even had a doctor with us!

Dr. Terry Grabner was such an asset to the ministry team. He spent a week at the child care center in the village of Bugongi where he say approximately 300 people who suffered from a variety of illnesses. I also had the opportunity to share the gospel to those who came seeking medical treatment.

George with Ugandan Children

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On my trip in 2003 we had the opportunity to help start a child-care center. When we left the foundation was complete and a few walls had been set up. This year, when I saw the completed project and all of the people from the village waiting in front of the finished center, I began to weep with joy! I felt a great pride knowing that I had been given the opportunity to serve God by helping those in Uganda.

While visiting the child-care center in the capital city of Kampala, the children were asked how many of them had been sponsored. Hands went up everywhere! I thought to myself: "If only the sponsors could see this. Then they could really see the difference that they are making in the lives of these children."

There were moments on this trip that actually seemed surreal, yet there were other times that reality hit hard. One such time was when we stopped at a place along the road where baby caskets were sold. The infant mortality rate in Uganda is unbelievably high.

George with Ugandan Children with AIDS

Additionally, many children have lost at least one parent to AIDS. to those whom both parents are living,  many are so poor that they don't even have the basic life-sustaining necessities such as food or even clean water.

People need to know about Uganda, about the poverty, about AIDS, and the beautiful children who are suffering so horribly.

Since 2004 more than 1500 children have been sponsored as a direct result of George and his ministry. We thank God for George and for those who responded and provided this much-needed sponsorship.

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